Case Study on Development and configuration options in MS Azure


● Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services using Microsoft-managed data centres.

2. Creation of an Azure project:

● After finishing the installation, create an Azure Cloud Service project, for working with Azure Cloud Services. The cloud service is a compute container for infinitely scalable, highly available and multi-tier cloud-based applications.

3. Web Application Projects to Cloud Service conversion

● · In the conversion of web projects to cloud service projects we can azurify an existing web application project. Let’s suppose we have already Web Application project such as ASP.NET MVC 4 project that we want to exert to Azure, then select the project choose proper command “Add Azure Cloud Service Project”.

4. Debugging an Azure application locally

○ In the current world of software development, the technology of cloud computing has taken an important place. The triage of software crashes however has become more challenging because of the use of the cloud. Software crashes never happen at a good time, therefore it is important that you beforehand know where you can get all your logs. So that you can build an efficient triage strategy.

5. Publishing to Azure

After the development, modification and debugging of the application locally it is ready to be deployed to Azure. It is good practice to observe the lifecycle of application creation before allowing a final publication in the production environment of Azure. First in a test environment, an application has to be published. Basically, the test environment is a cloud service that is needed to build, and use for testing purposes.This environment allows us to test if the application built behaves as expected when hosted in Azure. Once the tests are successful, it can be published to the staging environment. In this environment, user-acceptance tests can be done to validate if the application provides the functionality for which it was designed.

6. Working with Server Explorer to Access Azure

● While making connections using Remote Desktop to Azure Compute instances and Azure Virtual Machines is a big asset, it’s creditable pointing out some of the other useful aspects in Server Explorer.

7. Troubleshooting:

● Along with Windows event log data sources, their is option to add code that collects Azure trace logs, infrastructure logs, crash dumps and so on.



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